money on the highway, robbers throw money out the window.
2012 SUV Money Heist — bank robbers throw money out the window (KTLA)

NBC4: “Robbery Suspects Toss Money Out SUV Window During LA Pursuit’’

“Kind of like a Robin Hood situation, rob from the rich, give to the poor,” said one witness.

Odiari “TED Talks” W/ BMU Members & Guest / Photograph by @osojeremiah (Instagram)

On September 16, 2021 Black Men United, an organization out of Texas State University, linked up with Michael Odiari, founder of Check App to host a “TED Talk” that shares the intricacies in the world of entrepreneurship.

Odiari, an alumni of Texas State University, also known as the “Rising Star of Texas” is home to over 44,000 students located in San Marcos, 30 mins outside of Austin, Texas.

Michael Odiari — CEO/ Founder of Check

Check is a web based app that provides safety and accountability, using video chat at the initial encounter of a traffic stop. To reduce physical interaction between police and motorists.

Founder Michael Odiari, came up with the idea after he was pulled over for a routine traffic stop, where the officer pulled their weapon on him, for a missing front license plate. …

RIOT by @Blanime_art


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